Fung Lin Wah Group(FLW), one of the largest ceramic tableware group in China, has evolved from a small trading
company into a group with five fully owned factories throughout different parts of China with Head office in Hong
Kong in 28 years.


Since 1990 we have involved in tableware production, we have set up the whole range products of dinnerware and
kitchenware in Porcelain, New Bone China, Bone China, Stoneware & Glassware, also have huge capacity. And we
have become the most stable and reliable suppliers of the giant department stores and supermarkets in the world.

Company Structure


Fung Lin Wah Enterprise Ltd. (Headquarter based in Hong Kong))

Rong Lin Wah Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Location: Pinghu Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province / Employees: 400
Factory size:223,000 sq. ft. / Capacity: 18,500,000 pcs/year
                   Product: Decal application, firing, design and the logistic Center of the Group.


Yiyang Red Star Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Location: Luoyang,Henan Province / Employees: 650
Factory size:1,960,200 sq. ft. / Capacity: 54,000,000 pcs/year
                   Product: Stoneware dinnerware in color glazed or hand-paint decorated and Stoneware ovenware.


Hunan Fengdeli Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Location: Liling City, Hunan Province / Employees: 850
Factory size:150,640 sq. ft. / Capacity: 40,000,000 pcs/year
                   Product: Major in New Bone China dinnerware, mugs and accessories. Ever since expansion in 2008, 
                   Fengdeli can also produce porcelain and stoneware dinnerware.



Rong Lin Wah Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd. Zibo Branch
Location: Zibo City, Shandong Province / Employees: 100
Factory size:25,000 sq. ft. / Capacity: 10,950,000 pcs/year
                   Product: Decal application, Firing, Packaging.


Chao Yang Rong Lin Wah Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Location: Kazuo District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province / Employees: 400
Factory size:33,300 sq. ft. / Capacity: 50,000,000 pcs/year
                   Product: Porcelain, Stoneware dinnerware in color glazed, pad print and embossed finish.